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Hello Gamerz Inn Members,

We're excited to announce that we are expanding our administrative team! As our community continues to grow, we're looking for dedicated and passionate individuals to join us in maintaining a positive and thriving environment on both our forums and Discord server.

Responsibilities: As an administrative staff member, you will be responsible for:

  • Enforcing community guidelines and rules.
  • Engaging with community members and fostering a positive atmosphere.
  • Assisting with conflict resolution and addressing member concerns.
  • Managing backend servers
Requirements: To be eligible for this role, candidates should:

  • Be an active and respected member of the community.
  • Have a good understanding of the community guidelines and values.
  • Possess strong communication and problem-solving skills.


  • Gain valuable experience in community management.
  • Contribute to the growth and success of our community.

Please contact me directly within the forum messaging system, or on discord to discuses your interest in this position.

This is a voluntary position, and we appreciate the dedication and time commitment that our administrative staff members contribute to our community.

We look forward to receiving your applications and working together to make Gamerz Inn an even better place for everyone!

Best regards,